About us

After her divorce,  TV Producer Alex Beattie was passionate about helping others through a split by sharing what she learned. She soon realized there was little to no information to help women prepare and plan for this next stage in their life.

During her divorce, she kept an organized binder detailing every receipt, meeting, and tax return. She stayed on top of her finances with the help of financial advisors, her mental health with therapists, legal assistance from attorneys, mediators, and more. She thought, what if we could take all this information and create something that could help others prepare and feel empowered along the way?  

She teamed up with her good friend and former marketing executive Jenny Pithie to create Divide & Thrive and their first product, The Digital Divorce Planner. 

"Our passion is to empower people by setting them up for a successful divorce, and life beyond."


Why We Created Divide & Thrive 

Save You Money

Going through a divorce can be overwhelming, scary and needlessly expensive. When we went through our own splits we had no idea where to start. We searched high and low for an organizer that addressed the emotional and business side of divorce but came up empty handed. So we created one!

Save You Time

The steps we've laid out helped us successfully navigate our own splits and did the same with the women we shared it with then they joined the "I'm thinking separating" or "we're getting a divorce" club, so we know it will work for you!

Peace of Mind

Educating yourself eary not only sets you up for success and saves you money, it gives you peace of mind during a stressful time of life.