The Divorce & Beyond Podcast with Susan Guthrie

Divorce & Beyond podcast host Susan Guthrie talked to Divide & Thrive co-founder Alex Beattie about how Divide & Thrive is helping people considering or going through divorce get organized and think clearly so that they approach their own divorces feeling empowered and in control!

When you're starting down the path toward a separation or divorce, it can be hard to know what to do in order to set yourself up to make smart choices, and find sure footing during a time that can feel scary and overwhelming. Preparing in advance of a divorce has a BIG impact on the amount of time and money you spend on your divorce. 

A few things that Alex and Susan discuss in this episode are: 

• Why preparing for divorce in advance of meeting with attorneys and mediators is critical

• Common mistakes people make in divorce

• How to plan for a separation or divorce so you save you time and money

• The emotional side and business side of divorce (and how to avoid them!)

• And so much more!

You can watch or listen to the episode HERE.

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