Your Finaces After Divorce

Divorce brings BIG changes to your finances.

Divide & Thrive's Alex Beattie had a great 20 minute conversation with financial planner Josephti Cruz (The Wealth Garden ) all about preparing your finances BEFORE divorce, and the realities you'll deal with AFTER divorce.

Topics they covered include:

• How to prepare in advance for the financial changes divorce brings

• How to figure out your cost of living budget, and where you might need to make adjustments after divorce

• If you've been a stay at home parent and now need to get back into the workforce, tips on what you should be looking for from a potential employer

• Steps to take if you want to keep the family home after divorce (If this is you, check out 4 Questions To Ask If You Want To Keep The Family Home)

• Common mistakes people make with their finances after divorce

• And more!

Want to learn about financial mistakes to avoid during divorce? Check out this Yahoo Finance article 4 Money Mistakes To Avoid When You're Getting A Divorce that feature Divide & Thrive!


Divorce is hard. Divide & Thrive makes planning for one easy.{ background-color: #5E6671;