Family Law Attorney Jenni Brown (Brown, Duttonn & Crider)

Meeting With Divorce Attorneys: What to Expect & How To Prepare

When you're faced with the reality that divorce is your next step, you can feel overwhelmed by what to do.

How do you proceed has a BIG impact on the cost and length of your divorce. Being able to glean insight from divorce professionals is a GREAT way to educate yourself about the road ahead.

Divide & Thrive co-founder Alex Beattie had an insightful 25 minute conversation with Georgia-based family law attorney, and frequent Court TV contributor, Jenni Brown (@familylawga on IG).

Jenni shared so many great tips for what to do and how to plan when meeting with a divorce attorney including:
  • What to expect when meeting with divorce attorneys
  • What you should be focused on in those meetings
  • Insight into the divorce process once you've hired a divorce attorney
  • How to save money during divorce
  • Questions you should ask a potential divorce attorney
  • And More!

    You can watch or listen to their conversation HERE.

    If you're just starting to research how to prepare for divorce, check out this post - Overlooked Expenses To Consider During Divorce

    Not sure how to prepare for divorce? Check out our digital divorce planner. It walks you through how to prep for divorce so you save time and money with attorneys, and helps you make smart choices as you move forward.

    Divorce is hard. Divide & Thrive makes planning for one easy.


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