Tips From A Divorce Attorney

When you're in the early stages of considering divorce, one step you'll take is to meet with divorce attorneys, either to educate yourself about what to expect or to potentially represent you during divorce.

If you're not sure what you should be asking potential divorce attorneys, check out the conversation Divide & Thrive's Alex Beattie had with Michigan-based family law attorney Jorin Rubin. It's filled with tips on what to take into consideration, questions to ask, and financial matters to anticipate.

Alex and Jorin shared so much helpful information, including:

    • Questions to ask divorce attorneys when you're looking to hire someone
    • How much of the practice should specialize in family law
    • Ways to cut down on divorce expenses (Getting organized is #1!)
    • Common mistakes to avoid when meeting with attorneys
    • Do your homework in advance of those meetings so you make the most of your time together
    • And More!

    You can watch the entire conversation HERE.

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