Divorce Prep, Tips & Mistakes To Avoid

If you're thinking about a divorce, or going through one, check out Divide & Thrive's Alex Beattie and Denver-based family law attorney Christine Han's IG Live conversation (link below!).

It's packed with valuable divorce information including:
• Actions to take when you're starting to think about divorce

• How to separate the emotional side of divorce from the business side

• Questions you should ask a potential divorce attorney or mediator

• What to get organized for a divorce, and how to figure out your financial realities

• The difference between retaining a divorce attorney to divorce and hiring a mediator to mediate a divorce

• Common mistakes people made in divorce and how to avoid them

• What to expect from your divorce attorney

• How to save time & money with your divorce attorney or mediator

• And more!

You can watch the entire conversation HERE.

This was the first of a two-part series with Christine. Our next IG Live will cover the divorce process when you have children. Want an alert for all of Divide & Thrive's IG Live conversations with divorce professionals? Subscribe here and never miss out!

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