Is Mediation Right For You?

Is Mediation Right For You?

The Divorce landscape is filled with so many different ways to go about getting a divorce. What process you choose can have a BIG impact on the cost and length of your divorce. Mediation is a great cost effective option. 

Divide & Thrive cofounder Alex Beattie sat down with top divorce mediator, and host of The Divorce & Beyond podcast, Susan Guthrie. If you're considering mediation, this interview is a must watch!

A few things that Alex and Susan discuss in this episode are: 

• What should people be focused on when preparing for divorce

• What does the mediation process entail

• How can you save time and money during mediation 

• What to expect going into mediation.

• What are the most common mistakes people make when preparing for mediation

• And so much more!

You can watch or listen to the entire episode HERE. 

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