Can You Keep The Family Home AFTER Divorce?

Can You Keep The Family Home AFTER Divorce?

One of the biggest emotional triggers that divorce brings is that of the potential uprooting from your family home.

Divide & Thrive co-founder Alex Beattie spoke with CDRE Selina St. Clair. (As a certified divorce real estate expert, Selina specializes in working with people considering and going through divorce!)

The conversation is packed with useful information to help you start thinking about what options are best for you, including:

  • CDRE 's work with divorce attorneys, mediators and directly with a couple divorcing
  • A CDRE remains neutral, and works for both parties
  • Understanding your financial realities and having access to all of your real estate documents is critical in order to make any decisions about the family home (Not sure how to prepare? Check out Divide & Thrive's planner)
  • CDRE's work with mortgage specialist who can help you puzzle out creative options
  • And MORE

You can watch or listen to the entire conversation HERE

Don't forget to ask yourself these 4 Questions if you want to keep the family home after divorce.

Divorce is hard. Divide & Thrive makes planning for one easy. 

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