High Conflict Co-Parenting Tips

High Conflict Co-Parenting Tips

Divorce is hard enough as it is, but when you throw in navigating a high conflict co-parenting dynamic on top it can feel impossible.

Divide & Thrive co-founder Alex Beattie had a great 20 minute conversation with Texas based parenting coaches Jan & Jillian Yuhas about how to navigate this difficult situation. 

Jan and Jillian shared so many great tips on how to deal with co-parenting triggers from your EX including:

• If your EX says some thing triggering in person ask for clarification with "I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. Can you please rephrase what you're trying to say?" or you can say "I need a moment to think about that. I'll get back to you after I've had some time to consider that."

• If you get a triggering email or text message from your co-parent hit pause. Remember that you don't have to respond immediately. Instead do some self-care. (Maybe it's taking a walk, maybe it's doing meditative breathing)

• The 3 C's of communication to help you defuse triggering events or messages

• and More

You can watch or listen to the entire conversation HERE

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