High Conflict Co-Parenting Tips With Divorce Support Coach Lisa McGregor

If you have kids, divorce doesn't mean saying goodbye to your ex. Navigating co-parenting can be tricky in the best of situations, but if you're in a high-conflict dynamic it can feel like an endless minefield.

Check out Divide & Thrive's Alex Beattie's conversation with divorce support coach Lisa McGregor (@theunplannedchapter on TikTok and IG) about how to navigate high conflict co-parenting dynamics.

The conversation is packed with tips & tools to help you navigate high conflict co-parenting with ease. Some highlights include:

  •  Focus on what is in your control
  • Create a shared calendar and file so all information is in one place that both parents can access, limiting your need to communicate
  • If seeing your ex's name is triggering, consider changing their contact name in your phone to identify them only as your child's parent parent - "Lisa's Dad" or "Lisa's Mom"
  • Use the BIFF method when communicating: Brief, informative, firm, friendly
  • And more!

You can watch the entire 20 minute conversation HERE.

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 Divorce is hard. You don't have to go it alone.

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