Getting To Know Yourself Again During and After Divorce

Getting To Know Yourself Again During and After Divorce

Getting to the end of a marriage can bring up a lot of feelings, both good and bad. Two common questions people ask themselves are "Who am I at this point in my life?" and "Who am I if I'm not in this relationship dynamic?".

No matter what the circumstances of your split, you can find yourself questioning your life, especially if you endured a hard road before arriving at the decision to divorce. Self reflection can be a helpful way to assess where you are and what you want. 

After a long term relationship it's natural to be habituated into think as a "we", but with a separation or divorce comes the necessity of shifting your mindset to "me". It might feel awkward at first but remember, putting yourself and your interest first takes practice. 

If you're feeling adrift and not sure where or who you are at this point, check out Divide & Thrive's conversation with empowerment coach Ana Del Castillo.

Ana helps people own their inherent passion and rightness so they can feel vital and alive again. We'll discuss tips and tools you can use as you navigate this time in your life. 

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