Financial Tips & Tools After Divorce

Financial Tips & Tools After Divorce

Tackling the financial changes divorce brings can feel scary and overwhelming. You might not know what to take into consideration or how to come up with a new plan for your money goals after divorce.

Divide & Thrive cofounder Alex Beattie's 20 minute conversation with certified financial educator and coach Eboney Byrne ( ) is a great starting point. Eboney shared her personal experience navigating divorce, and discussed:

• What a financial coach does

• Mistakes people make with their money during divorce

• The connection between money and feelings

• The #1 thing you should do with your finances after divorce

• And more!

Click HERE to watch or listen.

Want more helpful information from divorce professionals? Check out Divide & Thrive's library of conversations with divorce attorneys, mediators, financial Coaches, CDRE's and more on the blog under INTERVIEWS.

Divorce is hard. Divide & Thrive makes planning for one easier.

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