Divorce & Your Finances

Getting your finances together before and after divorce should be a priority for you. Being clear eyed about your money puts you in the best position to create the life you want after your split. 

Check out Divide & Thrive co-founder Alex Beattie's conversation with certified financial coach Eboney Byrne of Liberty Financial Services (@libertyfinancialservices on IG). Ebony shared her personal experience going through divorce, and how it shaped the work she does now, as well as actions items you can use. 

Great tips she shared include:

• Change your mindset about money by asking what it can do for you

• Educate yourself about your finances early in the divorce process and make decisions based on those facts

• If you've been a stay at home parent, start working on a résumé ASAP so you are in a position to count on yourself financially

• Make sure to disclose all financial accounts during divorce so that they are taken into consideration for division

• And more!

You can watch or listen to the conversation HERE

Want more ideas to help you get on top of your finances after divorce? Check out How To Build Your Savings Up After Divorce.

Divorce is hard. Divide & Thrive makes preparing for one easy.

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