Divorce Tips for Parents

Getting a divorce when you've got children can make you feel like you're failing across-the-board. and fill you with a million questions like-

Will I get enough time with my kids after divorce? How do I find the right co-parenting plan? How can I coparent well with an ex who I don't get along with?

Divide & Thrive co-founder Alex Beattie had a great conversation with New York state-based family law attorney and mediator Lauren Hunt (@laurenhuntesq on IG) all about this and more.

Lauren shared so many great tips for divorcing parents including:

• Common mistakes parents make during Divorce

• How not to get caught up in playing "gotcha" with your co-parent

• How to figure out what co-parenting plan is right for you

• How to best navigate mediation if your coparent is abusive

• and More!

Watch or listen to the conversation HERE.

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Divorce is hard. Divide & Thrive makes planning for one easier.
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