Divorce, Grief and Shame

Divorce, Grief and Shame

There are so many critical points you face when you navigate life during and after divorce. Transitioning from “we” to “me” isn't without its bumps. Feelings of grief and shame are common, but most people don't know how to work through them.

Divide & Thrive cofounder Alex Beattie chatted with relationship therapist (and social media super-star) Kim Polinder all about how to deal with feelings of grief and shame during and after divorce. 

Based in Southern California, Kim specializes in working with individuals and couples and is available to work with clients over Zoom. 

Kim’s posts on Instagram and TikTok are always packed with practical tips you can incorporate into your life. Her subjects run the gamut from relationships dynamics to attachment styles, communication, holding space, and more.

Kim and Alex discussed so much, including:

  • How a relationship coach works with couples who are at a crossroads of their marriage, contemplating divorce or going through a divorce
  • Common mistakes people make during divorce
  • Tips to help people grappling with shame about divorce
  • How to navigate the divorce grieving process so you can move through it and heal

You can watch or listen to their conversation HERE.

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