How To Talk To Kids & Teens About Divorce

How To Talk To Kids & Teens About Divorce

D&T's Alex Beattie had an insightful and informative 15 minute conversation with marriage and family therapist Melina Alden. Linked here It's packed with tips on how to talk to your kids and teens about your separation or divorce. Some highlights include:

- Prepare for the conversation by practicing what you're going to say.

- Have the conversation with both parents present.

- Be in a safe environment like your home, not a restaurant or other public place.

- Don't be surprised if you don't get a positive reaction, or any reaction for that matter.

- Allow your child or teen time to process the information.

- Have a clear plan in place as to when each parent will spend time with them. Walk them through how it will work.

- Remember that they want to know they are safe and that they will be OK.

- Let them know that this in no way is their fault. This is a message you will should to repeat over time as well.

- Remind them that you love them and are there to support them no matter what.


Hope this conversation helps you on your Divorce journey. 💜

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