Divorce & the Holidays

Divorce & the Holidays

Check out Divide & Thrive's Alex Beattie's conversation with divorce coach Leah Marie (@MindfullyReady on IG). This 20 minute conversation Link here to watch on our Instagram is packed with tips and tools to help you navigate the holiday season when you're going through a separation or divorce like:

• You don’t have to “fake it” if you’re feeling down.

• Know what your limits are and set boundaries.

• Prepare something to say ahead of seeing people. That way you won’t get caught off guard or overshare.

• Don’t over indudge to cover up big feelings. (Drinking, eating, shoping, etc.) Be self aware and mindful of your actions. The last thing you want is to create a new problem.

• If you have kids and have to share holidays, it’s ok to celebrate on any day, not just the holiday date.

• Take this as an opportunity to create new traditions.

• If you’re alone, make a holiday plan in advance. Reach out to friends and family to make plans, use that time to focus on self care and consider volunteer opportunities.

• Skip social media if it’s making you feel down.

• Don’t be surprised that you’ll feel all kinds of feelings, highs and lows. Don’t distract yourself from them. Let those feelings come up and work through them. Don’t be afraid of them. These feelings won’t last forever.

• If you need support, tell people. Reach out to family and friends. Consider therapy if you’re finding yourself more down than up for a long stretch of time.

Remember, the first holiday season is the hardest. It will get easier!

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