5 Ways To Manage Your Divorce Stress

Even just the idea of divorce can trigger stress, and actually going through one can max that stress out. Take time to acknowledge your big feelings and take action to help curb your anxieties.

Here are 5 things to help you manage your stress levels:

  • Consider Therapy 
  • If you can, consider talking to a professional during this transitional time in your life it can be very helpful to have someone dedicated to hearing you out and helping you work through big feelings that divorce brings.

  • Create Healthy Boundaries
  • When you’re feeling emotionally vulnerable it’s essential to conserve your energy. It’s ok to say “No” or “I can’t commit to that right now” to things that don’t absolutely need to be done by you.

  • Share Your Feelings With Trusted Family & Friends
  • Let people know where you are at the moment. That doesn’t mean you need to share every detail of your life, it can be as simple as saying “I’m feeling really delicate at the moment so please bear with me while I navigate this chapter of my life.”

  • Make Time For Things That Bring You Joy
  • Carve out time on your calendar to incorporate activities that fill you up with good energy. It could be a simple walk in the park, or playing a sport you love, or visiting a museum, or painting,  or volunteering -- whatever it is, make sure to add activities to your life that make you feel good.

  • Be Gentle With Yourself
  • As simple as it sounds. Remind yourself that you’re going through a difficult chapter and that it’s ok to have high’s and low’s. You’re human, not superhuman. You don’t have to “get over it” or “snap out of it”. Give yourself permission to acknowledge big, uncomfortable emotions so that you can move through them and work toward healing. 

    And one last thought...
    Taking control of your situation by getting on top of the details of your life by organizing your documents and figuring out your financial realities isn't just about saving time and money during a divorce, it also brings peace of mind.
    If you're not sure where to start, check out Divide & Thrive's digital divorce planner. It makes the process easy.

    Divorce is hard. Divide & Thrive makes planning for one easy. 
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