Divorce Without Lawyers - Online Divorce Services, Self-Filing & Divorce Mediation

Divorce Without Lawyers - Online Divorce Services, Self-Filing & Divorce Mediation

Long gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all divorce. There are so many low cost and collaborative options available that are easy on the wallet and soul.

The boom of do-it-yourself-divorce's over the past few years has put consumers in the driver's seat of their split. Legal Zoom, It's Over Easy, Hello Divorce, or self-filing at your local courthouse all work well with couples who have successfully sorted through the details of their lives and come to an equitable agreement on their own.

PRO TIP - If you go the online or self-file route, make sure to stay on top of details and double check your paperwork before officially filing. Making changes can be tricky (and costly!) with these options once you submit. (Our divorce planner can help you stay on top of details and keep you on track.)

Another great alternative is mediation. This method works well for couples who prefer someone to guide them through the process and deal with the administrative side. Being able to have a neutral third party help you navigate the division of property, assets and assist in creating a parenting plan for your specific situation can go a long way to cut down on stress and bickering.

PRO TIP - If you choose mediation be aware that you can hire your own attorney if you want someone to advise you based on your sole best interest. A mediator works for the couple and does not take a "sides". The mediators focus is on equity.


No matter which way you chose to divorce, taking time to prepare in advance will help you cut down on emotional and financial stress. Want more tips? Check out this post about 8 Mistakes People Make During Divorce.

Want to get organized for your divorce? Check out Divide & Thrive's digital planner HERE.

* This post is not a paid partnership with Legal Zoom, Hello Divorce or Our Divorce. They are strictly examples. There are many online options, so make sure to research which options work best for you.

Divorce is hard. Divide & Thrive makes planning for one easy. 

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