Divorce & Ongoing Child Expenses

Divorce & Ongoing Child Expenses

If you're getting a divorce and have children you'll need to keep in mind that there are a lot of expenses that both parents will continue to split even after divorce.

Having a clear understanding of what child expenses are joint and ongoing goes a long way to help eliminate confusion and resentment between exes.

Some shared child expenses might include:

  • Childcare (in order for parents to work)
  • Camps
  • Medical & Dental Expenses
  • And more

Money can trigger BIG feelings so communication is critical. Having conversations about spending money BEFORE making purchases helps cut down on potential tension, and allows both parties to verify that they are able to take on that specific cost.

If in-person communication is a challenge in your situation, text or email instead. Stick to the subject at hand and make sure not to have emotions creep into it. Consider utilizing the BIFF method - keep things brief, informative, friendly and firm.

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