Create A Divorce Plan Just For You

Once you decide it’s time to take action in divorce the immediate next question is “Where do I begin?”

 The Divide & Thrive Divorce Planner helps you separate the emotional from the business side of divorce, and gets you organized even before talking to an attorney. Not only does it keep you focused on what’s important, but it will also save you time and money.

We've taken everything we learned in our own splits and put it in one easy-to-use planner that you can print for a binder or use on your iPad.

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Organizing you for divorce, and beyond.

Our program gets you ready for divorce in three easy steps. 



Set GOALS to stay focused on what’s important to you!



Get ORGANIZED to save you money and time during your divorce.



Know your BUDGET to help plan your future.


I love this planner! It helped me set my goals and make plans when I didn't know where to start. I was able to get a game plan in 24 hours and I am so thankful for this resource. Keep doing the good work!


Divide & Thrive has helped me realize that the divorce process can be planned out gracefully and elegantly with manageable milestones.


I'm a financial advisor, but when I decided to leave my husband, I didn't know where to start. Divide & Thrive was my financial divorce prep coach. The organizer outlined the overall strategy and broke it up into easy-to-digest steps, all the while providing the encouragement that I needed to get myself in order while saving myself billable hours with my attorney.


Financial Advisor
We were married for 16 years, together for 18. He controlled every inch of the finances. Getting the Divide & Thrive Binder helped me with the confidence I needed to understand my finances and my situation - it took a lot of the fear away for me.


Though retired now, I was a Certified Family Law Specialist for over 35 years and I would have loved to have had this resource available for my clients. By using the Divide & Thrive Divorce Organizer, your clients have a place to gather all the information you'll ask for and be able to organize their assets and thoughts as well. Not only does it position your client to take more of an active role in their own divorce, it allows their attorney to focus more on the legal aspects of their dissolution. The planner helps them and it helps you. I highly recommend this for every single person getting a divorce or even wondering about the process.


Family Law Specialist
The Divide and Thrive Divorce Organizer is fantastic! Clear, concise and gets straight to the point. I'm using it now!


Bought this, AMAZING BY THE WAY, I also added an additional kid section to track those expenses, ie private school tuitions, camp fees, travel, sports fee, etc.


The Divide and Thrive Divorce planner was not only helpful but essential in getting my financial situation organized. It really provided guidance during such an overwhelming time and made me feel empowered to gain some control over my situation. Thank you for creating this planner!!


This organizer is fantastic! It is very well thought out and a thorough reference to get all of your affairs in order. It is very simple to use and will absolutely help you to stay organized and reduce overwhelm. The price point is a total bonus! I will definitely be recommending this to my clients.

Leah Marie

Divorce Coach IG @mindfullyready
My Divide and Thrive Planner has been amazing. Thank you for creating it for people who have no idea where to start, what to ask, or what to do in preparation for divorce! Thanks to this amazingly well thought out and organized Awesome planner, I now have a game plan and a roadmap!


I’m just starting the process of separation/divorce and everything has been chaotic in my head. Using the D&T Divorce Organizer gave me a clear plan to follow and helped me feel more focused, especially with my finances. I feel more secure now that I've gotten organized which is a huge relief. The planner also helped me create clear goals for my future which allowed me to start getting excited for the life I want after divorce.


I have to tell you that my planner saved me $400 and compliments from my attorney and his crew for organization. Thank you!


What is a 
Divorce Planner?

Our proven digital planner walks you through everything you need to prepare for divorce, even if you are thinking about it.
Keep track of critical documents, organize your assets, set goals for your future, plan your budget and get a clear picture of the things that matter most all in one place.
This planner puts you in the driver's seat before talking to an attorney or mediator. Whether using it on your iPad or in a physical binder, our DIGITAL DIVORCE PLANNER includes everything you need to plan your divorce.

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